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[Official] - Colossus Server Content - Archer - 01-28-2018

<< :: Colossus Roleplay Server Content :: >>

Hello everyone.

Here is the official page containing the content for the Colossus Roleplay Server. Of course, much like most servers you guys are required to have this server content in order to see all of the models inside the server. So, if you are new to joining us please be sure to get this content before you join the server. If any of these links are giving you any trouble feel free to make a thread inside the Bug Reports / Complaints thread. or simply just contact me on steam and bitch a little and I'll look into getting it fixed.

So, without further ado the content for our server. I'll be placing up links for different mirrors as time goes along so there is more back-ups for everyone to download if any of the others shut down. So, have fun! Looking forward to seeing you on the server.

:: Links & Stuff ::

Standard Map Content:- rp_constantinople_v3c
MEGA Mirror
Direct Download [Our Server]

Colossus Core Content:-
Mega Mirror
Direct Download [Our Server]